Paddy White

Hi I'm Paddy White and have been interested in complementary health therapy for the last 15 years or more - with a particular focus on energy healing. My background is in accountancy but I qualified as a Kinesiologist in 2008 and have more recently completed a diploma in Bio Energy.

I am a member of the Bio Energy Therapists Association. (
On a voluntary basis I am offering Bio Energy to clients of ARC Cancer Support Centres.

People are gradually beginning to accept that physical health is only one aspect of our well being - we also need to take care of our emotional, mental and spiritual well being. We need to combine both conventional and complimentary therapies to support us in facing the challenges we are presented with in life.

I also offer Bio Energy therapy sessions in The Therapy Room in Drumcondra. See contact page for further info. The cost is €50 per session - with reductions for block booking.
Have a look at my photos page to see recent photos taken with my iPhone. Take time to slow down and enjoy nature all around you.